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Have you used the new Zunga Bus? 

The new Zunga Bus pilot project for Powell River is running at full steam.

It’s been two weeks since it launched in the community, serving those in the Westview area.

The bus is unique because it doesn’t follow a specific route, but instead, operates more like a ride-hailing service with people signing up and requesting a ride through the app.

Anastasia Lukyanova is the city’s Sustainability Planner and she says so far, the response has been good. 

“We had over 200 people that downloaded the app so the numbers are growing and the ridership has been picking up.”

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“We see a lot of folks travelling along the Joyce corridor, accessing the mall and some trips to the rec complex too. We see a nice mix of demographics too, which is nice to see. From young people, teenagers as well as some older people over 65 as well, so it’s a good mix of usage.”

Lukyanova adds that one of the benefits of the service is the ability to get instant feedback from the community. 

“After their ride is completed they are able to leave a review. It can be as simple as leaving a thumbs up or thumbs down. They can also highlight what things they liked or didn’t like.” 

“So far we’ve had only thumbs-up, and folks are leaving feedback saying that it’s very convenient. One other user said that they’ve never taken the bus before and so the Zenga Bus is the first time they’ve used public transit in Powell River and that they see themselves using it more in the future.”

The one-year pilot project is operated by the City of Powell River and is available seven days a week between noon and 7:30 pm.

For more information, visit the Zunga Bus website

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