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Sunshine Coast mom & son trekking 115 kilometres to raise funds for local SPCA, Energy Association

They’re tying up their shoelaces, and gearing up for the walk of a lifetime.

Starting this Sunday till next Thursday, March 18th, 10-year-old Cody and his mom Megan Kelso will be trekking the Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons to Powell River.

And, it’s all in the name of the environment and animals.  

“From a young age, Cody has been actively involved in local charity events to help raise money for various organizations,” says Kelso. “However, this year we wanted to think bigger.” 

The duo often participates in SPCA programs, but when they found out the Sechelt shelter is located on none other than Solar Road, Kelso says “It was almost a given that we had to get solar panels on the roof!”

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This realization is what sparked the idea for the four-day expedition, which will see the mom and son team not only walk approximately 115 kilometres, but hop aboard the ferry too.

They’re now hoping the public can take note of their efforts, donate through their website, and help them reach their $30,000 fundraising goal.

$20,000 will go to the Sunshine Coast SPCA, with the extra $10,000 for the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association’s “Cool It” program for kids.

“If we don’t take care of the earth now, we won’t have an earth to live on,” says Cody. “I love animals because they are all cute.” 

For her part, Kelso, a pet guardian to rescue animals from the BC SPCA, says she values “the joy an animal brings to us and the love they share with us all unconditionally.” 

While both she and Cody understand the walk may pose a challenge at times, they’re ready for what’s coming their way, with Kelso adding they know the rewards of their efforts “will far outweigh any pain or discomfort we might have.”

While Cody and Kelso are still prepping for Sunday, they’re already receiving praise from BC SPCA staff.

“We’re very excited about the walk and we’re very appreciative,” adds manager Marika Donnelly. “We’re also equally excited that Cody and his mom are the ones to spearhead the fundraising. It’s pretty amazing to see such passion for animals and the planet from such a young man.”

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