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City selects general contractor for new wastewater facility

The City of Powell River has selected Graham Infrastructure LP of Calgary as the general contractor for the new Consolidated Wastewater Treatment Plant (CWWTP) in Townsite. 

A Notice of Award was sent to Graham last Friday, April 16th.

At $61,016,432.65 plus GST, the contract is the largest expenditure in the city’s history.

The price includes:

  • the construction of the treatment plant, 
  • the supply and installation of the novated equipment and cash allowance of $850,000 for issues that may arise during construction namely unavoidable delays, 
  • additional testing for quality assurance, design modifications upon completing the review of the shop drawings, and 
  • cash allowance for the marine portion of the outfall in the amount of $3,138,000. 

Powell River’s plant is jointly funded by the federal government for $30,400,000 (40 percent), and the province for $25,330,800 (33.3 percent). 

The grants total $55,730,800 or 73 per cent of the budgeted $76 million. 

The balance of 26.67 per cent will be funded by City of Powell River taxpayers.

Cash allowance amounts are estimated and may vary upon finalizing each task.

“That was an expensive vote. It was our biggest ever,” said mayor Dave Formosa, after unanimous approval by council.

The city says Graham Infrastructure “is at the forefront in building wastewater facilities across Canada.” 

The company recently completed the Victoria capital region wastewater treatment facility at a total project cost of $775 million, and the Regina wastewater treatment plant for $224 million.

According to the city, an extensive vetting process was done by the Infrastructure Services/Engineering Department and oversight services contractor Associated Engineering. 

Three of seven proponents who provided proposal submissions were shortlisted and invited to submit tender bids for the general construction contract. 

Graham Infrastructure was successful, as well as submitting the lowest bid cost.

“We are comfortable they [Graham] can provide this job on time and on budget,” said engineering manager, Nagi Rizk.

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