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Powell River RCMP issues warning after drone flown near windows of homes

Don’t fly your drone near homes.

It’s a lesson Powell River RCMP hopes sinks in with one operator, who was flying a drone close to the windows of two homes near Myrtle Rock last Wednesday night.

Police identified the pilot and issued a warning. 

The RCMP is sending a reminder that drones are not to be flown near buildings, and must be at a minimum 30 meters away from any person.

Police also say that flying one within a 5.6 kilometres radius of the Powell River Airport is chargeable under a Transport Canada Statute and can result with fines up to $3000 dollars.

Stolen Boat

The Powell River RCMP is asking for help in tracking down a stolen boat.

Just after 5:30pm last Sunday, police got a report that a boat and trailer had been stolen from a property in Bliss Landing some time over the previous couple of days. 

The boat is described as a 2020 Highfield 13 foot rigid hull inflatable, white and grey, with a Yamaha outboard motor. 

You can find more details, including the boat’s registration numbers, on our website.

The registration numbers on the side are BC7110128 and it was on a Karavan trailer.

Stranded Hiker

A  pair of hikers are  safe and sound after getting stranded on Tin Hat Mountain, northeast of Powell River.

Just before 8:30pm Tuesday, police received a report of an injured hiker stranded on the mountain.

The hiker and his friend were in the middle of a six-day hike and were stocked with food, water and basic first aid supplies. 

They spent the night in a cabin on top of the mountain.

Just after 5:00am yesterday, the hiker was lifted by helicopter off the mountain by Search and Rescue, before being taken by ambulance to Powell River General Hospital where he was treated for his injury.

Pellet Guns

A report of someone shooting pellet guns to scare away aggressive crows from her property is prompting reminders from the Powell River RCMP.

Police are reminding everyone that, not only is it illegal to shoot crows, so is firing off a pellet gun in neighbourhoods, because the pellets could harm people, vehicles, animals or homes.

The RCMP got a call Monday morning, about a resident on Jordan Street who was shooting the pellet gun at the birds. 

Police spoke to the woman who was issued a warning.

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