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Vancouver Island lifeguards to keep pool swimmers following COVID rules

Even if you’re at the public pool, you’ve still got to make sure you’re giving other people space.

As pools reopen following COVID-19 closures, one Recreation Facilities Manager in Nanaimo, Mike Bryson, says lifeguards are making sure everyone is following the new rules of the pool.

“We’ve had smaller groups allowed into the water than we would normally have, so that keeps them socially distant. Guards are good at reminding people of the rules to, you know, stay away from each other.”

On the cleanliness side, Bryson says pools are kept clean with the water itself.

“One thing about chlorine— it kills pretty much everything. I’m sure with pools, they’re one of the safer places. It’s an excellent disinfectant.” 

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According to HealthLinkBC, residential hot tubs and pools can provide an environment for bacteria to grow, but disinfectants like chlorine or bromine can help keep it clean. HealthLinkBC says that ‘the more a hot tub or pool is used, the faster the disinfectant in the water gets used up.’

For Nanaimo’s public hot tubs, Bryson says they’re also doing their part to keep bacteria out.

“The hot tubs are kept to a certain level of chlorine to make sure that the water is totally sanitized. Any potential problems— bacteria wise— are cleared up by chlorine, so we keep a higher level of chlorine in our hot tubs. All of our water testing of the water quality is strictly following guidelines. It’s also monitored every couple of hours so we know exactly what’s going in the hot tub.”

Nanaimo’s hot tubs are open from 9am to 11am.

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