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Powell River mayor plans to work on housing crisis in 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, recently elected mayor Ron Woznow says the affordable housing crisis is on his mind as the city heads into the new year.

Woznow says the city owns many properties that could be used as potential solutions to affordable housing while adding to its economic growth.

“The city owns 31 properties, and some of them can be used to provide affordable housing, livable and affordable apartments,” said Woznow, “At the same time it can provide opportunities to provide higher-value apartments and condos, which would help the economy of Powell River.”

Woznow says he also wants community engagement with the issue, as many in the city have good ideas on how to move forward with housing.

“With regards to housing, to start with is a lot of smart people, and I hope they come out and share their ideas about, what type of city land can be developed quickly and equally, ” Woznow added.

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He says that Powell River offers an opportunity to join the environment, and wants to pull all of that creative energy as a result.

Woznow also mentioned working to redevelop the city’s revenue stream after the loss of the mill is on his to-do list. The Tisqwat Mill was the city’s major revenue producer for 100 years before getting shut down in 2022.

“In this transition, as we go through, we have to find a way of replacing that type of revenue,” said Woznow.

Woznow wants to build on the efforts of the previous mayor and council. He says city staff were able to work on decreasing the city’s carbon footprint as well as upgrading the recreation centre to reduce its energy consumption.

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