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Federal MP motions for electoral reform in Canada 

An NDP MP says she is calling on all parties to support her motion to create a National Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform as the first step towards electoral reform in Canada.  

Ladysmith Nanaimo MP Lisa-Marie Barron says she tabled the motion for debate in the House of Commons because the government has not lived up to the expectations of Canadians.  

“Canadians need a government that reflects their priorities accurately,” she says. “Whether it is on managing the severe impacts of the climate crisis or creating more affordable housing options. 

“It won’t happen because we have a voting system that is outdated and leaves voices out of the important conversations that are happening right now, it needs to change.” 

According to a media release, Justin Trudeau campaigned to make the 2015 election the last election to be first past the post but broke it after being elected.  

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Barron says her motion would give Canadians a bigger voice when it comes to how the government conducts their affairs.  

“We want to make sure every Canadian has a say over how their government works,” she says. “I hope every party agrees and chooses to support my motion that offers a path towards a fair voting system where they all count.” 

According to Elections Canada, the current electoral system allows a party leader to hold 100 per cent decision-making power in Canada with less than 39 per cent of the vote.  

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