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Hikers beware of deceptive weather conditions

Back-country enthusiasts are being reminded to be prepared before heading out on a trip.

Jan Neuspiel with Island Alpine Guides says it’s important to take extra caution, even when the weather gets nicer. He notes warm weather doesn’t necessarily mean safe conditions on the mountains.

Neuspiel says a recent incident near Lion’s Bay – where hikers fell to their deaths after a cornice had collapsed – is a reminder of the dangers people face when adventuring in the mountains.

“Cornices are a real hazard and that being below them can be dangerous because if they fall on you they’re very heavy [and] they can also be heavy triggers that start avalanches”, he says.

He notes it’s also important to watch where you’re walking and says it’s easy to think you’re walking on solid ground when in fact, you’re walking on a cornice that’s about to fall.

Neuspiel says it’s important to always tell someone where you’re going before taking a trip – so rescue crews can find you quicker if you get trapped.

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