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Ferries set to hold talks on Sunshine Coast-area sailings

BC Ferries is launching a round of consultations on the Sunshine Coast.

Spokesperson Darin Guenette says the problems with timing have been ongoing but are getting more acute as the commuter traffic grows between the lower Sunshine Coast and Horseshoe Bay.

“If schedules aren’t effective…if we’re sailing late at peak times and customers aren’t sure of exactly when the ferries are going to come and go, then you gotta look and say ‘can we set a schedule that’s gonna be realistic that the ships can sail even when the ferries are really busy and customers have some certainty of where they’re going…so changing the timings and giving the ships appropriate amount to cross, load and unload is what we’re looking for.”

Guenette says any changes with timing on the Horseshoe Bay to Langdale route could affect what happens with the other routes from Duke Point and Departure Bay, but nothing is changing at this point.

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