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Christy Clark will recall the legislature

Christy Clark will be staying on as the Premier, at least for now.

Despite the BC Greens announcing their support of the BC NDP, the provincial Liberal leader has announced that she’ll recall the legislature in early June and ask for a vote of confidence. Clark says that if the vote is lost, she will not ask Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon to call for an election.

“Should my government not meet the test of confidence in the house, which I think is likely, then she [Guichon] would, I think, go and ask the NDP, as the party that got the second largest number of seats, whether or not they can govern,” Clark says.

The Liberals won the most seats in the legislature, but fell one seat short of a majority. Meanwhile, the BC NDP and BC Greens have ratified their agreement in working together.

The agreement would allow the second place NDP to form a minority government with the support the Andrew Weaver’s BC Greens.

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