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Doctor offers advice on preventing skin cancer

In the wake of Sun Awareness Week, a BC-based doctor is offering tips on how to protect yourself from the rays of the sun.

Skin cancer (Melanoma) has increased significantly among men and women during the last 25 years.

However, BC Cancer Agency Dermatologist Doctor Harvey Lui says that incidences of skin cancer are not necessarily higher for any skin tone in particular.

“I’ve seen all races develop skin cancer, so the need for protection applies to everybody.”

Lui says UV radiation causes about 90% of melanoma cases in Canada.

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Lui says one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer is to avoid the sun between the hours of 11 and 3, cover your skin, including your face and neck by wearing a big brimmed hat, and to do your outdoor activities in the shade.

He also stresses the importance of using sunscreen when you know you’re about to be exposed to the sun.

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