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Use caution when driving through smoke zones

With the wildfires continuing to burn throughout the province, officials are reminding drivers to take extra cautions when behind the wheel in smoky areas.

Ed Miska with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure says a number of highways have been closed down on the mainland in the wake of the fires.

“When you’re driving through smoky conditions, please slow down and turn on your headlights. That not only lets you see better what’s ahead of you, but it also turns on your tail-lights so those coming upon you from the rear can also make you out better under those smoky conditions.”

Miska also advises to watch out for wildlife if you’re driving around a smoky area.

“Just a reminder that with all of the wildfires, you may be seeing more livestock or wildlife on the highway and so you want to make sure you adjust your speed and be wary that those animals may be there.”

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