Many Powell Riverites have had the treat of marine life sightings from ocean view homes and ferries.
One Powell Riverite took it a step further. Susan Mackay started WOWs or Wild Ocean Whale Society in 2010 and since then registered it as a non-profit 2 years ago.
Mackay’s WOWs monitors the numbers, species, sightings, migration habits, welfare and behavior of whales, dolphins and porpoise in our inside waters. Check out the site:
Coastfm news caught up with Mackay…..
And our ocean side neighbors, the Savory Bight, are hosting a ‘Burger and a Beer (or wine) Night’
to raise funds for the Live Web Camera and Hydrophone on this Tuesday, the 10th from 5-7pm.
Tickets are $15 and available at the Savory bight or from ‘Whales and Dolphins BC, WOWs members call 485-9138