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Mushroom expert says to avoid urban mushrooms

VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C- The death cap mushroom is becoming an increasing problem in British Columbia.

Experts are warning to keep a look out for the mushroom this summer, as it is spreading more rapidly throughout the province.

According to the B.C Medical Journal, the death cap is sprouting earlier and in greater numbers than previous years, especially in urban environments like Victoria.

Sam Reeves, the president of the Vancouver Mycological Society, says last year alone 30 cases of death cap poisonings were recorded on Vancouver Island. She advised that people don’t eat any mushrooms growing in urban environments.

“In any case, no matter what, don’t eat it if you found it in your yard,” said Reeves.

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She added that if you find them on your property, don’t use your lawnmower to get rid of them as it could help spread the spores.

For all the details on death cap mushrooms and how to identify them, you can follow this link:

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