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Second ‘Net Zero’ home built on Vancouver Island

COURTENAY, B.C – A new home in the Comox Valley is the second Net Zero certified house to be built on Vancouver Island.

The house was custom built by J. Zsiros Contracting, and is meant to be self-sustaining, and more environmentally friendly than other newer houses currently being constructed.

According to the Canadian Home Builders Association, Net Zero Homes produce as much clean energy as they consume, and are up to 80 per cent more energy efficient than typical new homes. They also use renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need.

The new home on Lake Trail Road features an air source heat pump for domestic hot water heating, low flow shower head and faucets, 9KW solar panel PV system, and a heat recovery ventilation system.

Owner and president of J. Zsiros Contracting, Jim Zsiros said these types of homes usually get above the one million dollar price point, but they wanted to build a home at a much more affordable price.

“We wanted to try one where we wanted to see where we are and how affordable we could get it…we had a budget to try to do it under $400,000, and we did,” said Zsiros.

Zsiros spoke about how the government wants all new builds to be at least Net Zero ready by 2032.

“It’s coming… the whole building industry has changed, in the last few years it’s changed quite rapidly, and they’re pretty serious on the changes, so it will happen.”

With their first completely sustainable build done, J. Zsiros Contracting is officially the Comox Valley’s first Net Zero certified builder.

For more information on Net Zero homes, click here.

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