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North-Island Powell River MP takes aim at Liberals’ climate change plan

North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney believes the Liberal government isn’t moving fast enough to combat climate change.

Blaney, who is a member of the federal NDP, was reacting to the throne speech.

The speech introduces the government’s direction and goals, and outlines how it will work to achieve them.

Blaney criticized the government’s plan on fighting climate change.

“There are some things starting, I guess but what my real concern is, the action behind them,” Blaney said. 

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“They talked about working towards climate action but I found that very vague. They talked about getting to net-zero emission by 2050. All of the science is telling us that we need to get there a lot quicker – 2030 is actually the number. So I don’t think we have the extra 20 years.”

She said if we need to “start taking climate change seriously,” pointing to infrastructure challenges, erosion on our waterfronts, and an increase in wildfires.

The Liberals said that elected MPs have a mandate to fight climate change, strengthen the middle class, walk the road of reconciliation, keep Canadians safe and healthy, and position Canada for success in an uncertain world. 

The federal government added that they will “work just as hard” to get Canadian resources to new markets and offer unwavering support to hard-working women and men in the country’s natural resources sector. 

As its first act, the Liberals vowed to cut taxes for all but the wealthiest Canadians, giving more money to middle-class families and those who need it most.

Meanwhile, Blaney said she was happy to see the Liberals signalling a move towards national Pharmacare.

What concerned her was there was nothing in the speech about them commissioning a report that was “very clear,” that we need a single, one-tier, universal Pharmacare system in Canada. 

“They are not using that kind of language, so why pay for the report? Why get experts together to look at this issue, and not use that very clear language? So I’m really concerned that the action is going to be there,  that they are going to continue to talk.”

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