Social media plays an important role in advertising, especially when it comes to federal elections. In the North Island-Powell River riding, it seems some candidates paid more than others for Facebook ads leading up to election night.

Data from Facebook’s Ad Library Report shows Conservative candidate Shelley Downey’s campaign spent $7,065 in ads on the social platform from Aug. 22nd to Sept. 20th.

Meanwhile, NDP candidate Rachel Blaney’s campaign spent a total of $1,018 within that same time frame, with Liberal candidate Jennifer Grenz’s campaign spending $991.

The local Green Party, Maverick Party, Marxist-Leninist Party, and People’s Party weren’t included in Facebook’s data.

Nationally, between Aug. 22nd and Sept. 20th, the Liberal Party spent the most on Facebook ads – $2.23 million. The Conservative Party followed not too far behind, spending nearly $2.02 million, and the NDP Party spent just over $1.65 million.

Screenshot from Facebook