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‘Show of Gratitude’ musical tribute to healthcare, essential workers

It’s a musical thank-you to healthcare and essential workers.

A virtual ‘Show of Gratitude’ concert will be a tribute to the dedication of healthcare workers in the qathet region and across B.C., and to the workers of Powell River Inclusion during the pandemic.

Organizer Herb Daum says he was frustrated to see those protesting against COVID restrictions, gathered outside of B.C. hospitals.

“I am a volunteer at a vaccination clinic so it’s close to my heart,” he said.

“Hearing about people protesting outside of the hospitals, spitting on nurses… when I learned about that news, I was very frustrated to hear this is happening. These are the people that we’re looking to keep us healthy and help us heal from our injuries and surgeries and whatnot, and these people need our support.”

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Daum says the time for banging pots and pans is over.

“We need to do something more concrete, a louder voice, and I was frustrated by what was happening, so I was wondering if there was some way to channel my energy into something positive rather than being frustrated and angry. So I contacted a musician friend of mine, Ron Campbell, who is a very accomplished musician in town, and asked him if he would like to get on board and do something to show support for our healthcare workers.”

After some brainstorming, they hatched a plan to do a concert.

The free livestream virtual concert features the bLUES bUSTERS (Ron Campbell, Dennis Fox, Ted Durnin, and Al Depuits) and will be broadcast next Monday, Nov. 8th starting at 7:00pm.

You can connect to the concert through the Facebook group’s link here.

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