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Investigation concludes into fatal float plane crash on North Island

The Transportation Safety Board has released a report into a North Island float plane crash last year that killed the pilot and one passenger.

On June 20, a Quest Kodiak 100 was en route from Masset to a cabin in the Tahsis Narrows, approximately 60 nautical miles northwest of the Tofino airport. While making a landing on the ocean near the cabin, the plane bounced several times before the pilot attempted to gain altitude and circle back to try again in a “go-around” maneuver. However, the plane crashed after hitting trees on Mozino Point and was destroyed in a fire.

The two other passengers survived, one with serious injuries.

The report found no unusual weather conditions, mechanical issues with the plane, or medical issues with the pilot. The pilot had 250 hours on the plane, but most of his experience with water landings was on lakes rather than the ocean.

The report says there was no weather information for the crash location, but adds the mountainous terrain may have caused wind shear or downdrafts.

It concludes with a safety message.

“It is important that, before landing, floatplane pilots evaluate their intended landing site for hazards,” it says. “This includes assessing the area for water surface conditions and potential wind shear and downdrafts; ensuring that both the approach and departure paths are free of obstructions; and considering options in the event of a go-around.”

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