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Plants – Cleaning Air For Centuries

Plants – Cleaning Air For Centuries

Do you ever wonder why, when you go outside on a beautiful morning, and you take in a huge inhale of air, everything seems to smell so fresh and wonderful?  That would be mostly because of plants!  Yes, plants are one of the most efficient “living air filters” that clean the air we breathe.  Now imagine bringing some of those living filters INDOORS, just think what they can be doing to the air inside your home or office!

As our living and working structures become more energy efficient, they also make it easier to trap indoor air pollutants which are absolutely not good for you.  Toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene, to name a few, get trapped in the home or office and you breathe them in.  Solution; Plants!  A NASA research document came to the conclusion that house plantscan purify and rejuvenate air within our homes and workplaces safeguarding us from any side effects connected with these toxins.  And the best place to get started on purifying the air in your home with plants is at Mother Nature on Duncan Street.

Plants – The Guardians

Mother Nature carries several plants which will absorb harmful particles and toxins polluting the air in your home or office and release fresh oxygen.  Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Rubber Plant, Dracaena, English Ivy, Snake Plant, Ficus Alii, Boston Fern, Philodendron and more are just a few of the living filters that will help keep your home or office air clean and provide fresh oxygen for you to breathe. And that whole needing a “green thumb” thing, ignore it.  All you need is some love and a little direction from Mother Nature’s experts on Duncan Street as to how to take care of your plants, they will thrive.  If you do run into problems with a plant and it isn’t doing very well, don’t panic, just get a hold of Mother Nature and they will help you nurse it back to health.   With very little effort and expense, your home and office will be healthier in no time.

Plants – More Benefits

A nice selection of plants will not only help with cleaning the air, they look amazing in any décor in your home or office. Studies have also shown that tropical plants can reduce stress, absorb noise, help with mental fatigue, improve creativity, productivity and concentration.  Some plants can even help you sleep!

Plants – Get Growing Today

So what are you waiting for?  You need to get down to Mother Nature at 7050 Duncan Street in Powell River and get started on healthier living by jumping on the “Plant Parent Wagon” today.  Stop by for a visit or for more information, you can go to their website at  Mother Nature on Duncan Street in Powell River, who knows better than Mother Nature!

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