Beautify your living space with unique Gift Ideas, Home Decor & Tropical Plants.

The “Sun Room” at Mother Nature is their recently built 1500 sq. ft. addition that was designed with you in mind. Their goal was to expand the space to give you greater Home Decor choices in an environment that was relaxing and tranquil. A space that would allow your mind to wander as you envision how a particular item you’re seeing or holding will look in your home or office.

To stay true to their commitment to offering unique gift ideas, Ron and Dianne recently went to the Toronto Gift Show in search of finding new suppliers and products. They were looking for pieces that captured current trends, yet universal enough so as to work in anyone’s Home Décor, while still unique enough to make for an interesting accent to their customers’ homes. After 4 days, 36 plus hours of shopping over 500,000 sq. ft. they have some great choices for you to discover.

One of the items that caught their eye early in the show, were handmade Tree of Enchantment glass globes. Trying to describe them would not do them justice, so stop in and see for yourself what unique pieces they are.

If a Zen environment is what you are feeling, there is a wonderful assortment of Buddha’s, including some adorable baby Buddha’s! If you’re looking for soft lighting, but are concerned with a real candle flame, there is the Reallite Wax candles with a movable flame. You can’t tell the difference until you are just inches away.

The “Sun Room” is also filled with luscious tropical plants, as well as an amazing selection of pots in varying colours, textures and sizes. “Grouping” your plants is not only trendy it’s a wonderful way to create a green focal point. And believe it or not, Macramé plant hangers are back, and they’re a great way to add height to your tropical plants without using any floor space.

For your outdoor living space, be sure to check out their full selection of wind chimes available in different sizes and sounds, as well as the colourful stainless steel Wind Spinners will catch everyone’s attention.

Stop by for a visit or for more information, you can go to their website at Mother Nature on Duncan Street in Powell River, who knows better than Mother Nature!

Mother Nature
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