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Hanging Baskets: Tips for Care from Mother Nature

Hanging Baskets: Tips for Care from Mother Nature

Gorgeous blooms with an abundance of colour that lasts all summer is a possibility!  We all know the importance of watering and fertilizing but when and how much can make the difference between a hanging basket with some flowers and a show stopping conversation piece.  How you water early in the season varies greatly from how you water in the heat of the summer what fertilizers you use and how often goes a bit beyond a shot of Miracle Grow once a month.

Most of you have already planted, purchased or been given a hanging basket and keeping it looking great can prove to be a challenge especially with the unseasonably warm weather we have been having.  The following tips from Mother Nature  can keep your hanging basket the focal point on your patio or deck.


Plants need water, heck we all do.  If we go too long without water on a hot day we will feel sick and the same can be said about our plants. In fact if they go just a few days without water they can die!  Hope we have your attention now.  Early in the season the combination of small plants and new root systems along with cooler weather means much less watering needed.  As your hanging basket becomes more established and the weather warms up, more frequent watering is required to meet the needs of your growing and thirsty plants.  You will need to check your basket for watering daily and on hot days morning and evening.  Feel the dryness of the soil or if possible lift the basket to feel the weight. Add enough water that you feel will do the plants for two days that way when you check the next day if you were a bit too lite you can adjust your watering up.  Try counting how many seconds you put in your basket.  If a 12 count leaves your baskets a bit dry each time you check go to 15.


The second most important step in ensuring your Hanging Basket blooms all summer is using a water-soluble fertilizer every other time you water at 1/4 to 1/3  strength of label instructions. If you want real show stoppers alternate between 20-20-20 and 15-30-15 blends.   Every few weeks run straight water until it comes out the bottom of the basket this helps flush out any excess salt build up left from the fertilizer.  Mother Nature doesn’t recommend doing this every time as it usually leads to a soaked basket then a bone dry basket follows stressing the plant each time.


Pruning early and often will ensure the best results keeping your basket uniform and full for the entire summer.  Pruning can be as simple as trimming out small parts of the plant that are taking over the basket.  If the basket is out of control you can give it an aggressive haircut taking it back to the edge of the pot.  This is not for the faint of heart but in a few weeks the colour will reappear and you can enjoy your basket once again.

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If you don’t have a basket to add that splash of colour to your home or still want to build one stop by Mother Nature but don’t leave it long as Summer is almost here.


Address: 7050 Duncan Street, Powell River, BC

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