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Keeping Your Dog Cool

Keeping Your Dog Cool

The summer heat is a miracle after the frigid temperatures of winter! Once those summer months roll around you’re waiting with bated breath to get out there and be active. Your dog is all too happy to tag along with you, but you should be aware of how the increased heat, and activity, can affect your dog.

Dogs go through the same high temperatures we do, sometimes even hotter, and they can’t even sweat! That might sound nice, but sweating is a very effective natural cooling mechanism. Without any sweat glands dogs can’t cool down quickly. It’s up to us to help our canine pals avoid overheating.

Mother Nature has information, tips, and products to help you keep your dog cool; or if the worst happen, how to cool them down!

Ways to avoid overheating

Check the forecast before heading out to see what the peak temperature will be. Try taking part in your favourite activities earlier or later in the day, so that the temperature is lower. If at all possible plan a route that will end at a lake, pond, or some body of water that your dog can swim in; this will help cool your dog down very fast. No matter where you take your dog remember to bring some water!

It is never advisable to leave your dog in the car while you run into a store. The temperatures in cars can be more than 10 degrees hotter than the temperature outside of the car, and it takes less than an hour to reach those temperatures. If there is no way to avoid leaving your dog in the car, than it’s very important to follow WOWS.

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WOWS stands for: Wet, Open, Water, and Shade. Make sure your dog is wet. Just a little bit of water to make their fur damp can make a world of difference. Open your windows. You don’t have to leave them completely open but enough space for a breeze to pass through will help regulate your dogs temperature. Leave some water for your furry friend, and always find a shaded place to park. Even if you follow WOWS, you should not be leaving your dog for more than 15 minutes.

Products to help cool down your dog

Dogs are terrible at cooling themselves down, but luckily humans are good at inventing! Over the years a number of products designed to keep your dog cool have come out. Some are meant to keep your dog cool, while others are great for cooling them down once they’ve started to get hot.

If you have a pool in the backyard, consider getting a floating device for your dog. If you don’t have a pool there are small pool designed for dogs, and, just like us, they’re all too happy to lounge in a pool on a hot day.

There are also a number of products that utilize long lasting freezer packs to keep your dog’s temperature down. Cooling vests are similar in look to harnesses, but are great for keeping your dog cool on hikes or while being active. When at home, use a water dish with a freezer pack insert. Or save some money and get a bunch of ice ready.


During the summer dogs are at risk of overheating because they cannot sweat, which means they have a hard time cooling down. Dogs overheat when their core temperatures go above a certain level. They can suffer internal damage to their organs and brain and, can become very irritable.

Taking steps to prevent overheating is easy! Bring water, plan for a way to get your dog cooled down, and use the right gear to keep them cool. Mother Nature has even more info and products to help your Dog conquer the summer heat!

Mother Nature is the best place to get all kinds of tips to help you take care of your dog. One quick stop and you’ll be better armed to take on any challenges that come with being a pet owner. Visit Mother Nature at 7050 Duncan Road, they’re open every day of the week!


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