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Get Ready, and Stay Ready During an Emergency Event

Get Ready, and Stay Ready During an Emergency Event

In an emergency, the need for ongoing, timely and accurate communications is paramount to ensure that all residents and visitors have access to information regarding the hazard, the level of risk the hazard is presenting, the protective measures, and the direct action necessary to protect their life, health and property.

The importance and need for good information is critical to help all residents get ready and stay ready during an emergency event such as an evacuation alert or evacuation order. Emergency managers and first responders work hard to assemble timely, accurate and relevant information and effectively communicate that information to keep you safe.

Emergency information may have details about the situation, the areas affected and to what extent, and the specific actions residents and visitors should take. It is a provincially legislated requirement that once an evacuation alert or order has been issued, it must be communicated to everyone within the impacted area.

Once you become aware of an emergency through one or more of the reliable sources of information, stay tuned-in to official channels, monitor conditions as critical information can change quickly, and follow advice and direction of local authorities.

The best emergency information comes directly from the source, through official channels, such as:

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Door-to-Door Notifications

Where time permits and resources are available, notification teams will travel door-to-door to notify people of an evacuation alert or order. Team members deliver verbal or written documentation to advise people of the actions they need to take. First responder teams will use this time to determine if anyone within the evacuation area requires additional assistance.

Community Notification System

Your local government can send critical public safety information to registered residents, businesses and visitors. Make sure you and your family members are all enrolled in the new Community Notification System to receive notices by email, text and voice call. To register for the qathet Regional Emergency Notification System please visit:

If you need help with registration, call the qathet Regional Emergency Preparedness program at

Local Government Websites and Social Media

If power and internet are intact, the main source for up-to-date information will be your local government website. Emergency notifications, including evacuation alerts and orders, will be posted on the home page of these websites. Check back often for updates as new information becomes available or conditions change. In addition to the local government websites, emergency information will be shared on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Please see the below list of resources and keep these weblinks handy for easy access in an emergency.

Twitter: @EmergencyPRREP and ​@CityPowellRiver
Facebook: @CityofPowellRiver​, @TlaaminNation and @PowellRiverFireRescue

Radio Broadcasts

Evacuation information and updates may be broadcast on local radio. For local emergency updates, please visit:
91.1 FM CJMP
95.7 Coast FM


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